The Starving Artists Project / A social art exhibition amplifying the voice of NYC’s homeless


Case Study



Every day the homeless reach out through the only means they have, scraps of cardboard and their own creativity. The problem is we don’t look, seeing their messages as an interruption to our day. Our mission is to redirect their artful cries for help from the streets to a forum where they can be properly appreciated, giving the homeless a more powerful voice, to bring about profound change.

The collection of diverse handmade cardboard signs, along with portraits of the artists taken by Andrew Zuckerman, debuted at the Dumbo Arts Center. A giant 4 ft tall collection cup was constructed and placed in the center of the gallery - all donations were given to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.


• Several thousand dollars donated 

• Exhibited at the Dumbo Arts Center

• 75 artist signs featured 

• 35 portraits taken by Andrew Zuckerman



Media: Fast Company | Upworthy | Huffington Post | NPR | PSFK | Wired | Explore