Spotify Discover Weekly / The algorithm that changed the music streaming game


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Discover Weekly is a music recommendation algorithm unlike any other. It leverages your specific music taste profile and cross matches it with the playlist curatorial habits of over 100 million users to serve you a hyper-personalized playlist of new music that feels both fresh and familiar.

Originally ideated as part of Spotify's Year In Music, instead Discover Weekly became something more – a core feature on the Spotify platform.


• Nearly 2 billion streams within the first six months of launch.

• Out of the gate it garnered more than twice the number users of Apple Music and Tidal combined.


Awards: One Show x 2 | Webby Awards x 2 | Cannes Lions shortlist x 2

Media: Wired | Gizmodo | Time | Buzzfeed | Verge | Business Insider | Engadget | WSJ | Vogue | Fast Co. | Forbes | TIME | Billboard