Office Max "Spread the Cheer" / The most viral website of all-time


Case Study




How do you pet people to start thinking about buying holiday gifts at an office supply store...with a limited production budget? You create 20 viral websites to entertain bored office workers.



• Considered “the most viral website of all time”

• Billions of site visits since inception

• One billion elves have been created on the platform since its launch

• A cultural phenomenon

• +100 million user-created videos on YouTube

• 6.5 centuries of total time spent engaging on all 20 sites, all in less than 5 weeks


Awards: One Show Merit x 2 | SXSW Interactive | Ad:Tech Awards x 3 |

Media: The New York Times | VH1 | Good Morning America | CNN | USA TODAY | TechCrunch | Forbes | Chicago Tribune | Entertainment Weekly's "The Must List" | VH1's "Best Week Ever"

*Some of the sites I worked on were You Got ELFed, Stuck to a Pole, North Pole Dancing, Faux Charity Donation, Mistletoe in an Elevator, Don't Shoot Your Eye Out and Arm Wrestle a Reindeer.