Coldplay Global Concert / An interactive live event that crashed YouTube and Twitter


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Anton Corbijn Pre-Launch Show

User-Generated Live Music Video Installation

Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Album Trailer

Coldplay Pre-Show Painted Answers

Coldplay on Unstaged

Coldplay on Graffiti



We worked directly with Coldplay to pull off a live, fully immersive, music experience broadcast worldwide. Through a microsite, fans were able to create customized animated graffiti butterflies, which were collected and distributed via Facebook. During the performance, the butterflies were unleashed in a crowd-sourced multiscreen video, as fans everywhere watched around the world.


• At 20 million views to date, the show stands as the largest single artist livestream in YouTube history

• So massive, it crashed both YouTube and Twitter

• First live concert ever simultaneously streamed on YouTube, banners, GoogleTV and on a multiscreen experience in Times Square


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